About Mundial Rent a Car

Mundial Rent a Car has been operating in the car rental market since 2006. Thinking about the well-being and safety of its customers, we seek satisfaction, offering agility and security in the provision of services

Mundial Rent a Car presented the proposal to offer the Brazilian market the benefits of the vehicle fleet subcontracting system, a strong and current trend in the international market and which is gaining more space in the national market due to the various advantages obtained for companies and their users

We constantly renew our fleet and our vehicles have continuous revisions, from the basic vehicle to the high-end vehicles.

Natal Car Hire


Mundial Rent a Car is a specialist in the ambulance rental market for companies and municipalities.

Basic Car

We have at your disposal a fleet of new vehicles constantly reviewed and updated.

4x4 Vehicles

Rental of 4x4 vehicles to have greater access to the secrets of the Potiguar coast. Consult our offers 

Rent a Car in Natal

Comfort and ease of movement during your vacation in Natal RN. Get to know Natal's beaches Renting a basic car .

Check our prices to rent a vehicle for long periods of time. Special offers for monthly rentals.

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Rent a 4x4
Improve your adventure in Natal

If you want to venture further and learn more about the natural beaches and lakes of Rio Grande do Norte, you can rent a 4x4.

Extensive beaches with dunes that collapse towards the sea, freshwater lagoons of a stunning blue and the entire Potiguar coast by renting a 4x4.

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Before you rent a car in Natal

1️⃣   How much do you want to rent a car in Rio Grande do Norte?
Depending on the number of days and time of year, the rental of a basic vehicle can cost from R $ 47.00 up to R $ 120 per day.

2️⃣   Is it better to rent a car or a 4x4 to get to know the Potiguar coast?
All the beaches of the Potiguar coast are accessible by car, but if you want to venture into the coastal lagoons, a 4x4 is the right vehicle.

3️⃣   Is it worth renting a car to visit the beaches of Natal?
The coast of Rio Grande do Norte is very long and renting a car becomes the easiest way to get to know it.

4️⃣   What are the necessary requirements and what documentation do I need to rent a car?
National driver's license (CNH) with at least 2 years old and a valid credit card with the holder of the same present.

5️⃣   Is it possible to return the car at Natal airport?
Yes, the World Cup delivers and picks up the vehicle at the airport. (Service with extra charge). As we also do directly at the hotel, it is the customer's choice.

6️⃣   How are car rental rates calculated?
Cars are rented per day, and each day lasts 24 hours. When picking up the car at 10 a.m., it must be returned at 10 a.m. on the scheduled day.

7️⃣   What forms of payment are accepted?
For the deposit the credit card is required. For the daily payment can be by card or in kind.

8️⃣   Who can drive the rental vehicle?
The lessee and all persons indicated by him during the rental period provided he is duly qualified.

9️⃣   What to do in case of an accident?
In case of an accident, call our assistance 24 hours at 84 99414-1122 immediately and do the accident report normally.

0️⃣   Do I have to return the car with a full tank?
The vehicles are delivered with a full tank and it is recommended to return the vehicle the same to avoid additional charges.