If you arrive in Natal by plane, you will arrive at the Natal – Governor Aluízio Alves International Airport, in São Gonçalo de Amarante. It is a medium-sized airport, but it has an international movement, from where it comes from Brazilian companies, operating several international companies such as TAP or Latam. The airport is 70 km from Ponta Negra, the place where you usually find your hotel. Cart delivery is available at the airport or at the hotel.

The airport is 70 km from Ponta Negra, where hotels are usually located. You can negotiate the delivery of the rental car at the airport or hotel.

Comodidade e facilidade de movimento durante suas férias em Natal RN. Conheça as praias de Natal, alugando um carro

Comfort and ease of movement during your holidays in Natal. Get to know Natal’s beaches by renting a car

Rent a car to connect the Potiguar coast!

If you arrive by bus, we can arrange your pick up at the bus station.

The most comfortable is to stay in the same place for the duration of your stay and change from there every day. You will travel more kilometers, but it will be easier at the logistics level. In this case, it is better to stay near Ponta Negra, on the beach.

If you like adventure and don’t mind packing every day, renting a car and sleeping every night in a different place is a good option!

It is common to see buggy rides from Natal to the lagoons of the Potiguar coast. You can also rent a 4×4 to do the same tour. When renting a pick-up, we enjoy the best of each place in the Rio Grande do Norte.

Our coast is full of beautiful beaches and freshwater lagoons with an impressive blue color.

Mundial Rent a CarBeach of São Miguel do Gostoso

Recommended Beaches

15 km north of Natal, Genipabú stands out for the dunes that descend to the sea and the dromedary rides.

São Miguel do Gostoso
Ideal for families looking for a quiet and peaceful beach, São Miguel do Gostoso is located 100 km north of Natal.

Praia da Pipa
One of the most famous beaches on the entire northeast coast and Brazil, 80 km south of Natal.

Bahia Formosa
If you like surfing, you can’t miss Pontal Beach in Formosa Bay, 98 km south of Natal.

Mundial aluguel de carros em Natal

A Mundial locadora de carros em Natal surge com a proposta de oferecer ao mercado os benefícios do sistema de terceirização de Frota de Veículos en todo o Rio Grande do Norte

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