Direct sales tend to be discounted from the price charged by dealerships and the main customer is car rental companies.

Direct sales have gained market share in auto markets.

Automakers have seen direct sales as an opportunity to free up the inventory of cars selling with Discounts above historical. The share of direct sales rose from 30% in 2018, to nearly 45% in the past 2020.

The balance of the year 2020 was positive, according to data released by the National Federation of Motor Vehicle Distribution. In 2019, 383,000 were sold more than in 2018, an increase of 10.48%.

Com ajuda de locadoras, vendas de veículos novos crescem 10,48% em 2019

The improvement in the supply of credit with a lower interest rate scenario and falling unemployment rates made room for more sales, and purchases Car rental companies, which now offer services to drivers of urban transportation applications, have strengthened the continued growth of the industry.

Mundial aluguel de carros em Natal

A Mundial locadora de carros em Natal surge com a proposta de oferecer ao mercado os benefícios do sistema de terceirização de Frota de Veículos en todo o Rio Grande do Norte

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