With advances in vaccination and a reduction in cases of COVID-19, the car rental market in Rio Grande do Norte is getting ready for the resumption of tourism in the month of August. According to all economic indicators, “the demand for rental vehicles is returning to normality”, as the population resumes activities and vaccination progresses.

According to data obtained from online platforms, as well as results obtained in a In a survey by the Ministry of Tourism, the leading search destinations are all in the Northeast and Natal is among the cities most remembered by Brazilians who intend to travel after the pandemic.

A few days ago, a study carried out by Ipespe (Institute for Social, Political and Economic Research) ) stated that the main post-pandemic desire of people is to travel, more than to buy a house or change a car.

After months locked at home, Brazilians intend to enjoy life and visit different places. Returning to travel is the main desire of consumers, and many of them stated that they intend to visit the Northeast.

The tourism sector accounts for around 8.1% of GDP and employs around 7 million people directly and indirectly in Brazil.

There are also those who did not plan a vacation, but took advantage of a business trip to get to know Natal, extending their stay for more for two or three days, rent a car and visit some of our beaches.

Plano de retomada do turismo da prefeitura de Natal

Plano de retomada do turismo da prefeitura de Natal

Tourism recovery plan by the city of NatalFor the recovery of tourism in Natal, the State Government is working on a set of programs, projects and actions organized in the Plan for the recovery of tourism Tourism in Natal. Effective results are expected to be achieved by July 31, 2021.

Mundial aluguel de carros em Natal

A Mundial locadora de carros em Natal surge com a proposta de oferecer ao mercado os benefícios do sistema de terceirização de Frota de Veículos en todo o Rio Grande do Norte

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