The payment of DPVAT is an insurance that guarantees the reimbursement of expenses with transient accidents, permanent disability and fatal accidents coverage, all with spending limit and paid only once, not being a continuous benefit. With these guarantees, DPVAT protects people from traffic, not just those who have private insurance.

What is DPVAT?
DPVAT is Personal Injury Insurance from Motorway, or “Mandatory Insurance”. It is paid every year along with the first installment of the IPVA, or in the Single Quota.

How much does the DPVAT cost?
The DPVAT has a relatively affordable cost: the annual value is R$16.21 for private cars, taxis and rental cars. ; R$ 25,08 to R$ 37,90 for buses and minibuses; and R$ 84.58 for motorcycles, which pay more due to having a higher accident rate.

How does DPVAT compensation work?
You are entitled to receive DPVAT (Personal Injury Insurance for Motor Vehicle Damage) compensation for all victims of accidents caused by a motor vehicle or its cargo on land – including driver, passengers. , pedestrians and / or their beneficiaries in the event of death of the injured person.

O que é DPVAT e o que significa sua extinção?

Will the DPVAT end?
Bolsonaro Government has proposed to end the payment of compulsory Dpvat (Personal Injury Caused by Overland Motor Vehicles) insurance by Provisional Measure 904. The Government announced last 11 November. Accidents with traffic victims occurring until December 31, 2019 will still be covered.

Why will DPVAT end?
The government has argued that the goal of extending DPVAT is to prevent fraud and reduce public sector oversight costs.

What will happen to victims?
The government defends itself saying that the extinction of the compensation system for traffic accidents tends to lead to disputes for the judiciary.

In a note issued on Provisional Measure 904 last 11, the Bolsonaro Government said that the proposal does not abandon citizens, “already that, with regard to medical expenses, there is free and universal care in the public network through the SUS “.

” For INSS policyholders, there is also coverage for sickness, disability retirement, accident and death pension And even for those who are not insured by the INSS, the federal government also already offers the Continuing Benefit Benefit (BPC), which guarantees the payment of a minimum monthly wage to people who have no means to support themselves or have to pay. provided by his family under the terms of the respective legislation, “continues the note.

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