There are almost no rental cars in Natal and the ones that do exist are expensive. “People had to sell to survive”, explains Flaviano, manager of Mundial Rent a Car.

Renting a coach today in Natal is a difficult task. Y ya are, or are not available or those that are available are at high prices. It is a consequence of the pandemic, and during the same period, I had companies that had to sell even 50% of their flota to survive, and thanks to Dios it can be sold, because the financial entities want the money for the month.

Many companies in the world have more medicine to sell to pay and survive and have to be grateful that during the pandemic there is a lot of demand for used cars. But now? Aside from the problem of the supply of coaches, who is excited to buy?, with the “uncertainty” that does not exist in the tourist sector.

The tickets for the car rental sector showed a progressive recovery in 2021, after the downturn recorded in the previous year, as a result of the restrictions on mobility and frontiers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The increase in tourist activity during the second half of 2021 allowed a notable growth in the demand for renting coaches at the end of the year.

Short-term forecasts are positive, confirming the upward trend in demand, both nationally and abroad, in a context of normalization of tourist activity, while the progressive deterioration of economic activity and the limited availability of new coaches will limit growth.

Mundial aluguel de carros em Natal

A Mundial locadora de carros em Natal surge com a proposta de oferecer ao mercado os benefícios do sistema de terceirização de Frota de Veículos en todo o Rio Grande do Norte

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